HCI Redesign

Usability test Termomix TM5 Short overview This study aims to test the cognitive activity in performing certain tasks with the Termomix and to come up with new design concepts to either enhance the cognitive experience or eliminate the cognitive stress The Process Gaining knowledge of the users is the first step in the CW process. […]

excellerat #3

HLRS Excellerat http://www.stoycheva.me/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Excellerat-Project-without-audiot.mp4 Short overview The cognitive overload is kept to minimum. The User Interface is clear and friendly. Mobile View Content Elements are being prioritized due to limited viewing space. The website’s interface and layout is relative to the font size. When a browser forces a certain font size the interface does not break. See […]

Service Design

Service Design Foodish by Nature For busy people, who seek a healthier and more sustainable way of life, “Foodish by nature” is a challenge app that creates a new awareness of natural food. Elevator Pitch Dekstop Research Die Ausgaben für Nahrungs- und Genussmittel lagen 1950 bei 50 % des Haushaltseinkommens und aktuell nur noch bei gut […]